Coastal Bend Troop Support has been chosen as the Service Project for our District Conference 2020.
About this 501c3 nonprofit public charity:

We are friends, neighbors, and a community sending care packages to our American troops deployed to combat zones. We are all volunteers.

Thanks to all of the wonderful supporters over the last 9 plus years our organization has continued to grow. We are committed to send care packages as long as we have means and the need is there.

We pack and mail boxes monthly to 50-80 individuals. Troop names that are deployed to combat zones are given to the group and we support that person until his or her deployment ends. Items to be sent are donated or purchased with donated funds. Postage costs are approximately $1200 monthly.

Names can be given to us of deployed troops to combat zones on this site by going to “sign up” or e-mailing. We need their full address, where they are deployed and approximate return date along with your contact information.

Letting them know we care is our mission.

We will be collecting the following items and packing them for mailing. Time and location during the District Conference will be announced later. Can you or your club donate these items? We can also take your monetary donation to purchase or provide the mailing cost.
Items for Service Project
All items need to be travel size or individual packages; minimum 200 needed for each item. Prices are based on (rounded up and no shipping or tax) and 200 items.
Beef Jerky$200 
Tuna in a pouch$330 
Sunflower Seeds$200 
Corn Nuts$350 
Peanut butter Crackers$75 
Cheese Crackers$75 
Drink mixes with electrolytes for 16 oz bottle of water$50 
Hand Sanitizer (plain no fragrance)$50 
Mouth Wash$500100 items from Corpus Christi Evening
Dental Floss$430 
Lip Balm$300200 items from DeeAnna Heavilin
Eye Drops$120 
Donate to cover the postage - $10 per box???