Hi all,
    May 12, 1999, was when I first volunteered to go to Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.  I went with my District Governor from District 7850 in Vermont.  I thought I would just build one low cost shelter project....I ended up doing 5 of them and never left.
    I have attached...if it is not too big....a history of our activities since the Port Isabel Rotary Club and District 5930 took over sponsorship...when I permanently moved to Texas in 2006 from Vermont.  It takes a long time to locate photos.
    I will be doing two follow up emails....both during the time we were sponsored by the Middlebury, Vermont Rotary Club....one during the time in Tela and one when I wandered around Honduras doing projects here and there,
    Thanks for your support!!!
                                    Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras, Inc.
                                    PO Box 1733
                                    Port Isabel, Texas 78578