CoronaVirus. We as Rotarians had been forced to sit and wait for eleven months, until early January 2021 the greatest opportunity to be of service came to us.
The Covid vaccines were finally coming to our area. Our Board got together and with the support of our District Governor, Eddie Bartnesky, the leadership of our President, Wayne Lowry, and the relentless enthusiasm and work of our Service Projects Chair, Chase Palmer, weekly teams of volunteers with the firm commitment to assists the City of Harlingen's organization and distribution of thousands of vaccines as long as needed were created.
From unwrapping thousands of band aids, to directing traffic, to administering vaccines, to checking temperatures, to translating, helping fill up forms, etc., we have been there assisting our community. And nothing makes us feel better every week than knowing that years from now when we look back, we will remember that as member of the greatest humanitarian organization in the world during the worst pandemic in 100 years we were there Lending a Helping Hand and as Rotarians just Being of Service Above Self.