July 2021
Grettings, Fellow Rotarians, 
As we begin our Rotary Year, I wish you a Great Rotary Year! Together, let us make it the best year by focusing on our District Action Plan. My vision for our District is to have all fifty-one clubs going in one direction using the district action plan as our pathway to success.
This will be our year as Leaders of Change. I challenge every club president to step up and step out of their comfort zone and make the changes needed to meet and exceed your goals. Share your rotary service projects using social media and our district website, and Facebook. Find your club brand, what is it that you do best that your community knows its you. Is it a service project, or a fundraiser? The beauty of Rotary is that it means different things to different people around you.
Our District Theme this is year is “Peace through Rotary.” Where there is Peace, there is hope.
The year 2020 can be described in one word: discouragement. Communities around our district need you to bring that hope. These are challenging times, and I encourage you to rise and meet the challenge with more passion to serve and change lives.
Amando J. Chapa
District Governor 2021-2022