Laredo Under Seven Flags Member to Serve on Historic all Female Appointed Board of Directors for the Laredo Chamber of Commerce
Abelina Veliz Perez, Rotary Foundation Executive for the Laredo Under Seven Flags Rotary Club was recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Laredo Chamber of Commerce by its new chairman, Mr. Cliffe Killam. She will serve along with 9 other female community leaders. This is the first time in the history of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce where 10 female leaders have ever been appointed at the same time.
Story and pictures submitted by Joe Almazan
“I was sitting in the board room looking at all the pictures of the past Chairs and they were all men, except 4 in the 105 – year history. I occurred to me that we need to have more female leaders in our organization” Mr. Killam states.
Abelina adds, “As a working woman in the community, it is an honor for me to be considered a leader amongst so many talented professional young ladies. I am humbled to serve on this board and will work hard to move this community forward”.
Abelina is a graduate of Texas A&M International University. She took up finance and banking as a career after majoring in Management. She completed her Master’s in 2010 from the University of Phoenix. She lives in Laredo, Texas with her husband and three boys.
Abelina is currently working at Texas Community Bank as a Vice President-Business Development. She has been in banking most of her career. Since her career involves helping others with their financial needs, she finds her job to be extremely rewarding. She stays involved with the community in order to continue growing her business and personal relationships. Besides her most recent appointment with the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, she also is active as a board member for Boys and Girls Club of Laredo, board member for Junior Achievement and of course currently serves as the Foundation Executive for Laredo Under 7 Flags Rotary Club.