Add some fun and exercise to your virtual meetings by planning  and having a scavenger hunt! 
Make a list of items that could easily be found around the house. You might use the alphabet to organize your list. Don’t share your list with anyone.
When you are ready to start, say the name of the item. For example, for the letter A, ask participants to search for a real apple and the first person to show it on the screen and say “Got It” gets the point. Move on to B and ask for a bell.  Use the same procedure for the remainder of the letters of the alphabet and award a point to the first person that comes up with the item. After you go through the alphabet, announce the name of the individual that got the most points and declare him/her the winner.  If possible, the winner will receive a prize. 
You might also want to designate second and third place winners based on the number of points these individuals earned.
You can use other ways to organize your list.  For example, you can use each of the letters of the phrase “Rotarians People of Action”.  In this instance, you can ask participants to find a recipe to represent the letter R, an orange to represent the letter O, and so on.  Make the process as difficult or as easy as you want.
If you want the Scavenger Hunt to be a Family Fun Night, involve your children and have them search for the items.
ENGAGE YOUR MEMBERS!! Have some fun!!