September 2021
Greetings Fellow Rotarians, 
As we shared the Gift of Rotary to others, we are reminded how humble we should all be in this world we live in. We should remember how our veterans fought to keep our civil liberties, keeping us free from tyranny.
This year we celebrated our September 11 twentieth anniversary. Many of you supported this day by joining with your local communities with flag presentation remembrance and recognizing our veterans and first responders.
Our schools open again with controversy mask, vaccination and hybrid classrooms left our children again wondering if normalcy will ever come back. No matter the challenge, Rotarians rise to the occasion and overcome with greater passion to serve our communities. We continue to provide scholarships, back-packs, shoes, and books by Rotarians who care and want to do more.
You can make the greatest change in a person’s life.
Remember that we have our district initiatives: fight hunger: feed hope and Literacy. I encourage you to seek out service projects addressing these two initiatives and include surrounding clubs in your area to join you.
Amando J. Chapa
District Governor 2021-2022